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I am heading out of town bright and early in the am to help out with a workshop with my good friends over at SuperShoots.com. More on that in future posts. This post is in honor of the first anniversary of Matt & Amanda which will be coming up this weekend while I am away. I hope you remember Matt! Don’t blow this one ūüėČ Hard to believe it has been a year. I haven’t posted anything yet about Matt and Amanda. They are great friends and shooting their wedding was an honor and a blast. Matt and Amanda’s story will be featured in the upcoming Premier Bride Magazine and Amanda will also be featured in my ad. Thanks to you guys for trusting me as your photographer and for your friendship. So, with that, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I wish you many, many more. Thanks also to Allan Mueller for second shooting with me.


Last weekend Brooke, Harper, and I had the¬†privilege¬†of attending Joey and Rory‘s Annual Bib and Buckle Festival held near their home in Columbia, TN (just south of Nashville) at one of their neighbor’s farms. Rory is famous for his bib overalls and Joey sports a mean belt buckle, thus the name. The family-fun style event drew 800 or so fans from all over the country along with a number¬†distinguished¬†guests and musicians, including Naomi Judd. The incredible food is prepared by Marci Jo’s, a restaurant started and operated by Joey (that’s the “Jo”) and Rory’s sister Marci. Look it up and make a point to stop by if you’re ever “in that neck of the woods” as we say down south. Joey and Rory’s daughter and aspiring musician, Heidi Feek, performed and then Joey and Rory performed a full concert including a number of special guests, including the incredible Bradley Walker and Wynn Varble. Just an incredible evening spent visiting with dear friends and making some new ones too. Here’s a little slide show of some pix from the evening and our all to brief of a visit with Joey and Rory.¬†

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Just following up with “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say. The Country Music People article is out now. Here’s the opening spread to the article and a link to larger versions of scans of the pages in print. One of the pix is not mine. Hope you can tell which one that would be ūüėČ

Scans of article pages can be found here:


Opening Spread from June 2009 Article in Country Music People Magazine

Opening Spread from June 2009 Article in Country Music People Magazine

OK. After some confusion due to my jumping the gun, we’ve got editors approval to post. This sort of thing is exciting news for a photographer!

I just received a preview copy of the June edition of Country Music People¬†magazine. The edition will feature an article about a fantastic country music act, Joey and Rory, and my work will be on the cover and accompany the article. I have photographed Joey and Rory for over a year now and a variety of the images we’ve shot over that time will be in the article. I shot the cover image during the making of their latest video (Play the Song), their latest release off of their debut album, The Life of A Song. The video is in regular rotation on CMT and GAC along with their first release, Cheater Cheater.

There is a long back story to how I came to meet and work with Joey and Rory that touches on many of my fundamental beliefs about life and my photography. I’ll spare you the details but suffice to say that I am grateful to know and count among my friends these incredibly talented artists and truly authentic people! They are simply the best.

I’ll post the full article when I receive it but for now, here’s a preview of the cover . . .


Country Music People Cover - June 2009

Country Music People Cover - June 2009

Our friends, Liz and Dean, put on the best kickoff to summer party every year around the Memorial Day weekend. This year was no exception. 100 pounds of mudbugs, picture perfect weather, good friends, a few drinks, and some great out of town guests too. What else could you ask for. I did my normal thing, shooting lots of picks, in between batches of bugs. Here’s s a few shots from the evening and a slideshow of images too. The full gallery can be seen here:


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Hey everyone. I’m just over a week returned from teaching a Location People workshop in beautiful, sunny Savannah, GA and finally getting over the sleep depravation. More on the workshop in future posts. I traveled down a few days early to scout and spend some time with my friend and mentor Craig Tanner¬†( see The Mindful Eye).¬†We had a great time catching up and discussing our latest creative endeavors. Craig is always an inspiration and source of creative energy for me and for that I am truly grateful. He has litterally changed my life as both a photographer and just a human being on this planet.

The latest installment of Craig’s inspiration for me came in the form of watching him bring to fruition one of his long time creative pursuits, which was to take the next step with his music and actually begin performing live. Craig had already taken the major first step and performed at a few open mic’s. I believe this was to be his third. I watched Craig prepare and practice for a few days and was able to witness him put many of the same principles he teaches photographers in overcoming their fears in photographing people or approaching strangeers into practice to this end. He was clearly nervous and anxious. Ultimately though, he just did it. He stepped over the edge and took that step. He prepared, practiced, and the performed . . . adminarbly well too I might add. Craig is quite a good musician and will no doubt continue to excel at this endeavor to the extent he desires. Moreover though, the process and privildge of watching Craig put into practice so many of the things he has taught me was both affirming and ultimately inspirational. If you’re out there and sitting on a dream, follow Craig’s lead, and take the next step!

Here are a few pix and a video slideshow set to one the song’s Craig performed (sorry about the poor audio quality!):


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I’ve Been Blogged

Spent a little time this last weekend on “the other side” of the camera for a change and just had a blast. I think I have over 20,000 images of my daughter now (that’s not an¬†exaggeration) and I’m in something like 2 of them (well that may be a slight exaggeration . . . but you get the picture). So, we had my friend and fellow photographer, Jessi Ringer, come out to the house bright and early on Saturday am for a little “day in the life photo shoot” with me and my girls.¬†

Jessi did an amazing job keeping up with our little bundle of pure energy and adrenaline. We put Jessi though the paces with a wide array of inside and outside activities including playing dinosaurs and froggies, birdie flying, coffee cafe, red bud pie making, hiking, biking, climbing trees, gardening, jumping in water puddles,¬†gymnastics, and super jumping . . . and this all in two hours or so! Here are some of Jessi’s picks: